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LABTEC is an information management system for RD & T departments. It enables them to manage, integrate and match any type of information relating to their activities by means of a scalable, dynamic and highly flexible database.

It can be used to manage structured or unstructured information (documents) occurring within the different phases of a research project.

Since results lose all their meaning if taken out of their context, LABTEC guarantees the continuity of the work performed and encourages information distribution.

Labtec features several advantages :

  • A scalable structure of the database according to the requirements of researchers not needing any particular knowledge in computing (which gives researchers complete control over the information and its management).
  • Management of product lists
  • An open architecture, meaning that it can interface with other software used in R & D
  • Extremely easy for preparing and drafting research reports
  • Possibility of creating a customized profile for querying the database using high-performance search tools
  • Compliance with the terminology and writing conventions used by the customer's company
  • Automatic production of an electronic laboratory manual

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